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Handbag Angel™ Large Narrow
Handbag Angel™ Large Narrow
Handbag Angel™ Large Narrow
Handbag Angel™ Large Narrow
Handbag Angel™ Large Narrow

Handbag Angel™ Large Narrow

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Organize, protect, switch and show off your tote bags with ease

Place the Tote Bag Angel™ inside your tote bag. It will not only help you stay organized but also protect the interior of your lovely bag from wear and tear.

Protect your investment: Your handbags are an investment. By protecting the interior of your designer handbags, you will protect your investment from internal wear, damage and dirt.

Show it off: The Tote Bag Angel™ is made of soft felt that has structure to it. The stiff construction of your Tote Bag Angel helps hold up your soft leather handbags from the inside, making the beautiful features of your handbag more visible.

Switch it up: Depending on your needs, the Tote Bag Angel will easily enable you to switch bags throughout the day. Move your items all at once from your work backpack to your designer bag to your gym bag to the diaper bag by simply lifting the Handbag Angel out of bag #1 and placing it in bag #2.

Stay organized: Put your small items such as keys, lipstick, pens, phone and earbuds in the pockets. No more endless digging through your purse to find those elusive keys.


    • Light color helps you easily see what's inside your handbag
    • Multiple pockets allow quick access to your items
    • Soft material is safe for electronics and other scratchable surfaces
    • Wide base construction and felt material prevent your purse organizer from moving around and flipping upside down inside your handbag
    • Lightweight and versatile
    • Ease of use encourages you to switch between bags often
    • Nice packaging makes it perfect to give as a present

    Tote Bag Angel™ by Simply Put Goods™ is made of high quality materials, well crafted and designed smartly to help you turn chaos into ease.

    • Material: Felt
    • Dimensions: 11" L x 3.5"W x 7"H
    • 5 interior pockets (3 pockets are 5”W x 4”H, 1 pocket is 3”W x 4”H, 1 pocket is 2.25”W x 4”H)
    • 4 exterior pockets (2 pockets are 5.25”W x 3.75”H, 2 pockets are 5.25”W x 3.75”H x 1”D)
    • The opening can be secured with the 2 snaps
    • Handles assist in carrying the Tote Bag Angel™

    Care instructions: We recommend spot cleaning or hand washing in lukewarm water, and air drying to minimize piling.

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