"You have a deep and light presence that makes working with you so delightful and safe. Thank you for taking me on this journey of self-discovery. Selin you have a talent of tuning into the messages that our heart and soul need the most."
// Cherine Kurdi
"Although successful in my career thus far, I felt that I hadn't really hit upon my "true calling" amongst my many interests. My session with Selin validated a direction that I'd been interested from a young age, but did not fit into my picture of a responsible career. Now I have the confidence to go in this direction and build writing into my work. Thank you so much, Selin!"
// Ingrid Slembek Inaccord
"I was at a very shaky crossroads in my life and I need some clarity and support. Selin was a joy to work with. I learned so much from her. She was thoughtful, kind and confident to help guide me to clarity. Thank you Selin."
// Marie Andrew Piazza
"You can trust Selin with your soul."
// Michelle Seaton
"Before my work with Selin, I was feeling stuck and confused on a personal and professional level. Selin calmly and graciously helped to identify the problem and with my permission began to systematically remove the blocks that were in my way. It was such a positive, uplifting experience bringing clarity and energy that I hadn't expected or experienced before. I felt comfortable and fully supported.
Selin has a natural gift to help others find clarity so that they can move forward in their truth. She helped me confirm and to trust my intuition and have the courage to step up. I'm very grateful for Selin's support and the doors that have opened immediately following our work. I can highly recommend working with her."
// Karen Kurzmeyer