Here is what our customers have been saying...


"Excellent organizer, fits perfectly in my new leather backpack purse to provide stability and organization." - C. D.


"I have been using this Handbag organizer for a few weeks. If you have multiple bags that you use during the day it is a lifesaver to be able to switch your essential items from bag to bag without digging through your stuff. The material of the bag is scratch protective for expensive electronics. It is a great concept that grows on you as you use it. As an active mom juggling multiple things everyday, I am getting a good use out of this little big organizer." - Tiffany


"This is a great purse organizer. I have a really big leather tote with no pockets, so it is a bottomless pit for all my things. It has been so hard to find anything in that bag! This organizer really helps. It gives the bottom of my bag some structure, and I'm glad that it is made of soft felt so that it will not damage the leather. Everything fits in here perfectly-- wallet, phone, glasses, hairbrush-- and the pockets are really handy for smaller items. I definitely recommend this product." - Inu


"Love it. I am so glad I kept searching. All the other organizers were nylon and seemed flimsy. I wanted something with some substance that would stay upright in my purse. This is it. I highly recommend." - K. M.


"I wasn't sure how beneficial this would be for me when I was buying it, but now after using it for several months in a large tote bag, I am so glad I got it. Everything in my purse has a place now, which means no more digging, and I know right away if something I need has been left out." - L. D.


"I received this beautiful, unique purse organizer as a gift and I love it!!! I didn't know something like this existed and now it is definitely a necessity for me. It is light grey color (LOVE) and made of a felt material which makes it sturdy yet soft. As a Mom of a young child I don't like to carry much when I have him and his diaper bag with me. This is PERFECT because I can put my everyday personal items (lip balm, keys, wallet, phone, etc) in it and keep my organizer right in the diaper bag. No more searching for these things when I'm in a rush or when I'm carrying my son and the diaper bag and need access to keys, wallet or phone. Fits great in my work bag and my handbags for a night out. So versatile! I highly recommend this to make life a little easier and organized for the busy women out there!" - H. F.