We would also like to take this opportunity to share some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) with you. We hope these will answer questions you may have about our bag organizers.

Why is my Handbag Angel™ or Tote Bag Angel™ wrinkled?

Your organizer has likely been tightly packaged for a little while. But no worries, now that it's comfortably sitting in your purse, it will lose its wrinkles and regain it's shape in a few days.

The felt is quite stiff and my things don't fit in the pockets!

The beauty of the felt we used is that it gives structure as well as softness to your bag organizer. It may seem that the pockets are currently stiff, however within a few days of use, the pockets will begin to stretch. It will become easier to store your things in the pockets without compromising the stiffness of the structure.

The Handbag Angel™ is smaller than I had thought it would be. Why is it not larger?

We researched different sizes for the Handbag Angel™. This size was the winner for our first product because it enabled the Handbag Angel™ to fit into many different size purses from medium to large, as well as backpacks. We are happy to let you know that we introduced a larger size in Fall 2015 called the Tote Bag Angel™. 

I'm using a handbag organizer but I still cannot find what I'm looking for.

Keeping a neat and clean home takes discipline. The same goes for your purse. You need to establish your own organization method to know which pocket you put your things in. We recommend starting by placing the smaller items (phone, earbuds, medication, keys, lip balm, pens, etc) in the pockets first, then the larger items (wallet, sunglasses, etc) in the center.

If you have many smaller items, placing the bulkier items next to your bag organizer inside your purse is also another way to get organized.

Can I wash the Handbag Angel™ and the Tote Bag Angel™?

Yes, you can! We recommend spot cleaning or hand washing in lukewarm water, and air drying to minimize piling.

Machine washing in cold water and tumble drying is also possible. However, please keep in mind that pilling is much more likely to occur with this method.

Will you make these organizers in other colors?

Yes! We are planning on adding more colors to the collection. If you would like to see us make our handbag organizers in a certain color, please feel free to email us at Hello@SimplyPutGoods.com and let us know! We would love to hear from you.