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My name is Selin Arslan.Simply Put Goods

I'm here to help you turn chaos into ease.

In your handbag, that is.

You see, I've been there:
  • Not finding what I was looking for in my handbag.
  • Always using the same handbag because I didn't want to deal with switching to a different one. 
  • Finding a hole or a mess in the lining of my handbag.

These are just some of the many frustrations I experienced around my handbag on a daily basis, and I know you can add to this list.

We all live busy stressful lives, mainly due to outside factors. If we have the power to reduce the frustrations over things that we CAN control, then why not?

So were born Simply Put Goods™, the Handbag Angel™ and the Tote Bag Angel™

My long term aim is to turn chaos into ease in as many areas of our lives as possible, by finding simply put solutions. 

But my mission doesn't end there. During the summer of 2015, I spent two months traveling across Turkey. Every day and every place I visited had one common theme: Syrian refugees living on the streets.

Having seen firsthand the effects of the Syrian conflict on families, especially children, their plight continues to break my heart.

To provide these children with some sense of stability in their lives, we are donating a portion of the profits from the sale of our handbag organizers to Bridge to Turkiye Fund's Education Campaign in support of Syrian Refugee Kids in Turkey.

100% of our contributions go towards helping the refugee children achieve continuity in their education, gain back their self-confidence and the years they have lost, and provide them with the tools for a better life. 

Thank you for helping us bring light into those children's lives.


Selin Arslan

Simply Put Goods™

Simply Put Goods™ is based in Boston, MA and is proudly 100% family owned. We only offer quality handbag organizers that help our customers organize, protect and switch their handbags with ease.

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