Why use a handbag organizer?

I already know the answer but I’m still going to ask you.

Have you ever looked for something (anything!) in your handbag? I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that you have. Me too.

The most memorable times were when I was rummaging through my bag looking for my keys to the house while also carrying a diaper bag, groceries and making sure that my toddlers didn’t stray too far off… into the rain.

Here’s another one. Have you been in a concert, and your phone starts ringing in the middle of it because you forgot to put it on silent? How long did it take to find it and shut it off? It certainly felt like a million years to me.

What about the time you went grocery shopping, only to realize, at check out, that you had left your wallet at home… in your other bag!

I know, because these all happened to me at one point or another. Multiple times. It’s never a happy moment.

It starts with disbelief. “Is this really happening?”

Then doubt. “Did I not take my keys with me?”, “Did someone steal my wallet?”

Then anger. “WHERE THE $%&* IS IT?”

Lastly, prolonged stress. “I can’t believe this just happened”, “Why can’t I find anything I need in my bag?”, “How many times a day do I need to do this?”

If this is you, then you should give a handbag organizer a try. Here’s why.

I resisted the idea for a while, until one day, as I was sitting in a cafe getting ready to work, and had spent some time looking for my pen in my handbag, Einstein’s quote popped into my head:

“The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Insanity - every single time I looked for something in my bag.

The very next thing I did was to buy a purse organizer. Insanity - no more! See the picture.

Inside my handbag.

I now know where everything is: I can access it in less than 3 seconds, while also carrying my gym bag (done with diaper bags) and the groceries, and keeping an eye on my kids.

I can confidently go to concerts now knowing that, even with the slight chance that I forget to switch my phone to silent, I will spare myself much of the embarrassment by finding it before the second ring.

Last but not least, I don’t forget my wallet at home anymore. When I need to change bags, I lift my organizer out of one bag and place it into the second bag. And just like that, I’ve moved everything at once.

If you are looking for an organizer, take a look at our shop. Using our handbag organizers will make a big difference in your day to day life. It's a promise.

In gratitude,