How to choose a handbag organizer?

Before we begin, if you are wondering why on earth you would need a handbag organizer, please check out my blog post about this very question here.

Here are some things you should consider before buying an organizer.

1. What type of handbag do you mostly use?

Every woman has their own preference regarding the type of handbag they love to use. Do you mostly use tote bags, medium size bags or smaller clutches? This can be easily determined by taking a look at the purses you most frequently use.

You can then decide which size organizer will fit the best by taking a measurement of the interior of the handbag. Make sure you measure the interior width, depth and height and compare it to the measurements of the handbag organizers you are considering buying.

2. Versatility

While answering question #1, you may have found that you like to use multiple size handbags. Personally, I use tote bags and medium size handbags. If you are the same, you should take versatility into consideration.

By versatility, I mean the ability to move the same handbag organizer from one handbag to another, even when going across handbag sizes.

When switching from one handbag to the other, going across sizes from a medium to a large, or a large to a medium bag, for example, you need to make sure that the organizer fits the medium size bag. If the organizer fits the medium size bag, you know that it will also fit your larger handbags.

Buying an organizer that is too large for half of your purses will defeat the purpose of using an organizer to help you switch handbags with ease.

3. Material and Structure

We determined the best size to select in steps 1 & 2. Now we should talk about the material and the structure of the organizers.

Our organizers are made of high quality felt. The reason we chose felt was its inherent structure. The organizers made of nylon tend to collapse on themselves after some use. Felt, however, stays strong and doesn’t collapse on itself, making it easy to access your items.

Another benefit of this structure is that our felt organizer helps give your soft leather bags or tote bags some structure. The prime example is Longchamp's LePliage bag. With our organizers, not only can you keep your items organized inside, but our organizers also help give your bag structure.

Lastly, another issue with nylon organizers is that they flip around and upside down in your handbag. That’s because the interior lining of most handbags is made of nylon. Nylon against nylon slides inside the handbag. Felt, on the other hand, stays put, because felt grabs the nylon lining and this traction prevents it from moving.

4. What you carry

We carry so many things in our handbags that sometimes we don’t even know what’s in there anymore. The only thing we know is that we haul around a 5 pound handbag.

When you evaluate various organizers, take a look at what’s inside your handbag first. Make three piles:


  • what you absolutely need: keys, phone, wallet, glasses, etc
  • what is good to have: tissues, notepad, pen, etc
  • what you don’t need: old receipts, trash, loose change, library books that you still need to return, etc


Select the organizer based on the ‘what you absolutely need’ and ‘what is good to have’ categories. Even with the latter category, I know you can do further weeding out of what is truly non-essential.

5. Weight

That is the weight of the organizer itself. Although the handbag organizers should be helping you keep organized, they should not really add too much to the weight of the handbag. Some features such as zippers and buttons will add additional weight to the handbag organizer.

6. Price

As you probably have guessed, there's a direct correlation between price and quality. Take a look at the negative reviews of all the organizers you are considering. This will help you decide on the value you will be getting.

These are the major criteria that should help you choose the best organizer for your needs. You can visit our shop to view our felt handbag organizers for more information. Using our handbag organizers will make a big difference in your day to day life. It's a promise.

Good luck!