6 Ways a Purse Organizer Will Benefit Your Life


1. Organize your purse, organizer your life by having a place for everything you're carrying. Our felt organizer has pockets to insert small accessories and a center compartment for the larger items. Put your small items such as keys, lipstick, pens, phone and earbuds in the pockets. Everything will stay where you put them neat and tidy, for quick and easy access. No more endless digging through your purse to find those elusive keys!

2. Make your day less stressful by reaching into your purse and finding what you need instantly (with practice you won't even need to look in your bag anymore). The days of missing a call or having to empty your purse to find those elusive keys are over!

3. Your handbags are an investment. Be prepared for anything by protecting the interior of your purses. Although not waterproof, our organizers add an important layer of protection against leaks, sharp objects, dust and dirt. Because your bag's inside is just as beautiful as its outside.

4. Show off your handbags. Our organizers are made of soft felt that has structure to it. The stiff construction of our organizers help hold up your soft leather handbags from the inside, making the beautiful features of your handbag more visible.

5. Spruce up your look by starting to use all your other beautiful handbags currently sitting in your closet. Our organizers help you switch handbags in less than 4 seconds.

6. Conveniently switch bags often. Depending on your needs, our organizer will easily enable you to switch bags throughout the day. Move your items all at once from your work backpack to your designer bag to your gym bag to the diaper bag. Simply lift our organizer by its handles out of bag #1 and place it in bag #2.

For help choosing the best organizer for your needs, here is a post I wrote for you.

If you are looking for an organizer, take a look at our shop. Using our handbag organizers will make a big difference in your day to day life. It's a promise.