6 Ways a Purse Organizer Will Benefit Your Life

  1. Organize your purse, organizer your life by having a place for everything you're carrying. Our felt organizer has pockets to insert small accessories and a center compartment for the larger items. Put your small items such as keys, lipstick, pens, phone and earbuds in the pockets. Everything will stay where you put them neat and tidy, for quick and easy access. No more endless digging through your purse to find those elusive keys! 2. Make your day less stressful by reaching into your purse and finding what you need instantly (with practice you won't even need to look in your bag anymore). The days of missing a call or having to empty your purse to find those elusive...

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How to choose a handbag organizer?

Before we begin, if you are wondering why on earth you would need a handbag organizer, please check out my blog post about this very question here. Here are some things you should consider before buying an organizer. 1. What type of handbag do you mostly use? Every woman has their own preference regarding the type of handbag they love to use. Do you mostly use tote bags, medium size bags or smaller clutches? This can be easily determined by taking a look at the purses you most frequently use. You can then decide which size organizer will fit the best by taking a measurement of the interior of the handbag. Make sure you measure the interior width, depth and height...

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Why use a handbag organizer?

I already know the answer but I’m still going to ask you. Have you ever looked for something (anything!) in your handbag? I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that you have. Me too. The most memorable times were when I was rummaging through my bag looking for my keys to the house while also carrying a diaper bag, groceries and making sure that my toddlers didn’t stray too far off… into the rain. Here’s another one. Have you been in a concert, and your phone starts ringing in the middle of it because you forgot to put it on silent? How long did it take to find it and shut it off? It certainly felt like a million years...

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